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Our Commitment To You

You deserve the most value from every show, network, event or team you pay to watch on TV, and delivering that value is Cox Communications’ responsibility.

Keeping you connected to what you care about is a commitment Cox intends to keep.

A Message from Len Barlik,
COO Cox Communications

Connecting You to What You Care About Most

We’re committed to getting you what you want today and also tomorrow.


Disputes Demand Solutions

Programming costs are the largest component of your monthly bill so we work to get the best offerings at the best price – keeping your bill as low as possible.


Paying for ‘Free’ Broadcast

Local TV stations charge Cox a monthly fee to carry their stations, but are allowed to deny Cox the right to carry their channel – which is why they often demand increasingly larger payments for ‘free’ TV.


The Sports Game

Everyone pays for skyrocketing sports TV rights and we believe specialty sports networks should allow us to place them on a sports tier so that only those who want them, pay for them.


Cox in Your Community

We are members of your community who are committed to using our time, talent and technology in ways that strengthen our neighborhoods and local businesses.

Delivering You Value is Our Responsibility

We know you have a choice among TV providers and work hard to ensure that we deliver you value by securing the lowest rate possible for each channel in our lineup. Every satellite and cable provider experiences disputes with networks who may temporarily pull their signal. Switching just means you’re likely to find yourself in the same situation again, yet without the quality of service you’ve come to expect from Cox Communications.


How do Network Costs Affect My Bill?


Switching TV Providers is Not the Solution

All providers are subject to temporarily having their signal pulled by networks, as these recent disputes show:

Hearst Television
DISH Network

March 2017

Hearst removed 33 stations in 26 markets for 2 weeks to gain leverage to get a rate increase nearly double the current rate and other onerous demands.

Hearst Television

January 2017

Hearst pulled their signal to 26 stations for one week when DIRECTV and AT&T wouldn’t agree to a huge rate increase, even though they’d asked to keep the signal on while negotiations were ongoing.


March 2017

AT&T customers had their stations’ signal temporarily pulled by Raycom because they wouldn’t agree to an ‘outrageous’ increase in fees.  

Univision Communications

February 2017

Univision pulled their signal from almost 7 million viewers on Spectrum systems. Although the two companies had a long-term contract in place, Univision chose to pull the signal, which sparked a lawsuit.

News-Press & Gazette

January 2017

News-Press & Gazette and DIRECTV were in discussions about 18 stations when NPG decided not to offer another extension and instead pulled their channels’ signals.

Sinclair Broadcast
Frontier Communications

January 2017

Sinclair pulled 21 stations plus the Tennis Channel from Frontier Communications’ customers for over a month due to ‘extremely exorbitant” fee increase demands.

Meredith Corp.
Altice USA

January 2017

After seeking an ‘outrageous’ rate hike, Meredith pulled left its viewers in the dark on Altice systems for two months.

Northwest Broadcasting
Verizon FiOS

January 2017

Bristlecone Broadcasting, subsidiary of Northwest, pulled four stations from viewers for over a month – using the Super Bowl as leverage – when Verizon wouldn’t agree to a 93% rate increase.